Back to nature

Let yourself be surprised by the richness of colors, scents, flavors and emotions that Val d’Aosta will give you.


Morgex's barefooting path offers a sensory experience that mainly involves touch but also other senses. It is based on the barefoot exploration of natural elements, stimulating people's sensory abilities during the walk. The experience varies according to the various materials that are laid on the ground, such as stone, wood, grass, moss, mud, water, sand and other elements that differ depending on the season such as flower petals, larch needles, pine cones.

The discipline of barefooting can be practiced by anyone, the only condition is bare feet.

The experience is perfect as group activity or for corporate team building, and is also feasible for blind people.


The walk to Lake Arpy from Colle San Carlo (Morgex) turns out to be extremely pleasant and without difficulties. On almost flat and very wide track, you walk between conifers until you reach the wonderful basin of the lake. The itinerary can be traveled in total safety even by families with small children and by bicycle.

This enchanting 2,066 m lake is set in a splendid basin and is enclosed between Mount Charvel and Becca Poignenta, and has shades of color ranging from brown to light blue to green.

Explore the surrounding areas and find the most suitable location for taking some pictures of the Mont Blanc Massif that opens up before your eyes (especially the Grandes Jorasses).


The new Orrido trail is located on the left orography of the Dora Verney and is a walk that allows hikers to immerse themselves in nature, in contact with the flora and fauna of our mountains. It is an easy, touristic itinerary, suitable for everyone. At the end of path, it is now possible to take the new and suggestive panoramic walkway over the ravine of the Orrido di Pré-Saint-Didier. With its 160 meters of height, it offers a new emotion and an incomparable view on the Mont Blanc chain, on the basin of Pré-Saint-Didier with Champex, Palleusieux and Verrand, as well as a breathtaking view of the Orrido waterfall and the cave of the thermal spring.